a black line inside my eye

Statement; My grand mom was an expert in making Surma. It is Traditional/herbal black eyeliner that is adorned inside the eye. Growing up it was a family tradition … where she would dedicate one day after some months to prepare the Surma. The scent of rose water, coal and brick in the garden created an atmosphere in memory. It was seen as a therapeutic, healing makeup which completed the makeup-look of an eastern woman. Though I was born and bred in the city, I hardly saw the women in my family with empty eyes – the Surma was considered special and pure. The blackness inside the eye completed them. This piece is an attempt/response to the sheer act of adorning oneself with the black-line…

medium : video art

duration of video : 16 minutes

stills of video

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Published by Sehr Jalil

visual artist - writer

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