We the Awami Art Collective are a group of artists and activists who take our environment, current situation: geographical, social, cultural and personal as the core to engage with community. The power of art is beyond the walls of the white cube and we have been working towards a synthesis where the highart dilemma, accessibility of art and preconceived aesthetic structures can be deconstructed while working with the public …for the public, inevitably our core medium is public art . We hope and believe to bring art and society closer to each other, our context and work ethic breeds a newer aesthetic, it evolves and is grounded in the city and the people. We stand for peaceful co-existence and celebration of diversity.

The AAC was initiated in 2015 in the urgency, hope and belief that artivism can bring change. We have worked on many projects, the Black Spring and ‘Those who were slayed in the dark alleys’ being two major ones.


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