Artist statement

We’ve all seen videos of the bud sprout and blossom, the ordinary sense of sight cannot comprehend how it happens – but it does when it has to. Effortless and glorious, nature doesn’t accept shortcuts, it does not brag. For me painting-image making, is just that – phenomenal, magnificently messy, rooted and deep it works around itself in forms, strokes and visions to find its own order, to ‘become’. The spirit paints, courageous – head in the clouds – infinite – shameless – attentive – in faith of all experimentation, in error and hope.

In 2005 being an undergraduate painting student and witnessing tragic national loss in an earthquake I contemplated on the matter and knew that I had to paint ‘nothingness’ – I thought I had coined the term only to know (in the library) the endless variety of philosophical excursions the ‘word’ had seen and known through time.

So be it an urgency to paint an idea, observation that leads to a phenomena, question, rambling or enquiry – ‘Everyday philosophy’ and knowledge work as the elixir of my practice. I’ve found intuition to be the filter of knowledge, art is intuitive knowledge, it is that filter, which keeps all that is precious and forgoes the toxic.

Research works like soil, with art on one side and knowledge, academia and logic on the other; it is the respiratory system and balancing act for new knowledge, ideas and forms.

My approach to encounter these ‘whys’ is highly dialectic, so chances of failure are massive – even then, it has to be done.


recent and ongoing concerns have been : far away promised lands, transit spaces, utopia, phenomena of paradise, home, objects, ‘what attains the status of heritage’, how is value allocated to things, sublime, light, movement, phenomenology of space, ‘reasons to remember – why we want to remember’, selective memory, archiving, journals…

recent medium : painting, installation, video, assemblage, collage, digital collage, mixed media…

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