My statement on Awami Art collective’s Lawrence garden public exhibition written for Art Embassy;

It is a walk down memory lane – a painful one – yet the intention, cause or effect is not to cause more pain but to hold hands and walk together. I believe; things change in togetherness.

Brief Description;

Hum jo Tareek Rahoun Mein Maaray Gae (we who were slayed in the dark Alleys) is a public art endeavor by the Awami Art Collective in pursuit of light – in pursuit of hope, love and peace. It is a remark, mark, imprint and stamp on thirty years of violence through our national history. It is in hope for a nation where co-existence of ideologies is a blessing rather than a taboo, where children are ‘just children’ and ‘belonging’ is not a curse…

The project is a circular walkway in a historic garden in Lahore (Lawrence Garden) with white triangular buntings that are generally multicolored and used in celebratory practice (festivities) in Pakistan. We designed the triangular buntings taking reference from the clippings in Urdu Newspapers. More than one hundred and twenty six incidents were extracted – we repeated/hung one incident around forty times and moved on to the other in chronological order (monthly and yearly) …each individual bunting  shared year and place of death, reason of the life lost and how it was taken.  It is a memorial to share and reflect over history and time. Traditionally used and somehow mystical (associated with shrines of saints and graveyards) perfumed agerbatis (vigils/sticks) were put up in the center and lightened by all who visited …



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