WHEN WALLS BECAME BIRDS – online exhibition

Project : #whenwallsbecamebirds 2017 – July 2020ongoing

by Sehr Jalil

The idea is to let them fly away – to let them go…

This project is an ongoing experiment where I am inviting those of you who acquire a piece of it to became a part of it in the process. ‘when walls became birds’ is a second phase of a wall project installation
with customized greeting cards -its in the hope that these ‘walls’ (metaphor for these cards) can move where ever they have to.. creating pathways, changing directions, opening, falling #flying or even diluting... I INTEND TO CREATE A #map of/ for these walls once they’ve reached their DESTINATIONS…this is in faith that we the ‘human beings’ are beyond walls, borders and circumstance. I’ve also been sharing a few WWBB posts on my instagram and Facebook studio pages.

Project history :This installation came along when post USA elections, 2017, all I heard on national and international Television those days was the making and building of walls – I thought about the wall as a division, as an #opening, I thought about walls in the mind and heart and walls on digital online platforms.. walls of poems , art and literature, walls of revolutions, walls made and broken -Each ‘card/sculpture/painting’ , entails a wall : in #history #metaphor #smell #sense #vision or #mood . – The ‘which wall’ cards from the project /installation that I have shown here are a scape of walls and their being and not being through history and thoughts. The outside (back) of the cards comes from the #allegorical idea of “#mirror mirror on the wall…”

Note for those of you who wish to acquire one or more : the 50$ value(not inclusive of shipping) is a one time value which I kept in synch with and in honor of the #artistsupportpledge culture on Instagram. A trend/project by @matthewburrowsstudio. Where every 1000 $ I earn, I’ll spend 200$ to buy an other artist’s work.
This value will change and any of these pieces wont be available for acquisition/buying after September 2020. Also if you really wish to acquire one with some idea for barter/exchange instead of the 50$ price let me know about that too.
you can DM me on sehrjalilstudio instagram or facebook or email on sjkayani@gmail.com
Frame and display/keeping of the pieces is subject to your choice once they are with you. Frame as a sculpture or a painting, keep in a box or a book – whatever you want.

The third phase of the project will begin once all pieces have reached their destinations.

Photo Credits/art documentation : Natasha Zubair

Art medium :
Digital #collage mixed media on customized #greetingcards 6″x8″ inches each.