The Alchemy and Art of TEA. In conversation with Jeff Fuchs, award winning TEA Explorer

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I was introduced to the work of Jeff Fuchs early last year for a personal and academic research. I was reading a book titled Objects of Translation by Finbarr Flood. It entailed the plurality and complexity of exchange and narrative in the subcontinent – upon reading it I began looking up on the trade routes around the world – and the glory of their grounded and infinite contributions. Fuchs’ devotion to his subject ‘the tea leaf’ and his magnificent expeditions on the Tea Horse Road made me connect with him initially, last year. I requested for an access to his documentary film The Tea Explorer, for myself and specially for my M Phil Cultural Studies students as a resource for a course in South Asian Material Culture. Fuchs’ response was truly endearing and kind and as I reveled in the documentary last year I saw every intention, act, craft, step…

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