Paradise, pandemic and hopes.In conversation with Edwin Koo -Award Winning Singaporean Photographer

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In 2013 I began a search to ‘Understand the Phenomena of Paradise through Contemporary Visual Art’ and my final MA Visual Arts dissertation withheld that title. Back then I’d excavated Edwin Koo’s paradise photography while rummaging thousands of paradisiacal visual art inquiries around the globe. I chose Koo’s work as one of the five case studies for my dissertation. The artist travelled to Swat Pakistan to observe the homeland of a people who called it paradise. The valley had faced a war with the Taliban and the 2010 floods, Koo photographed it when it was mourning yet breathing again. The current state of our planet urged me to connect with Koo to converse on paradise, pandemic and hopes…where migration, home and Singapore also became the anchor of our dialogue.

“An old man stands beside the disfigured carving of Buddha dating back to 6th-7th centuries”
(Koo, 2020)

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